Monday, 13 August 2012

Blessed in Penang

I used to dream about the life I am living now...I feel so blessed for what I have and made happen

When you feel happy you want to share and to wish the same to the dear people in your life. I made this wish in Kek Lok Si (Buddhist) temple. 

This Buddhist temple is the largest in Malaysia and sprawls up the hill dominating the town of Air Itam. To access the complex you have to weave your way through an ascending corridor of souvenir shops which are an obvious tourist trap, after which you'll arrive at Liberation Pond. Following the steps up you will reach the temple complex proper and be rewarded with the intricate and colourful Ban Po Thar Pagoda.


It is enormous, full of statues, Buddhas, ornamental pagodas...


You can see Goddess of Mercy Temple peeking out as this Kuan Yin statue towers over the whole complex

Once you are up there beside her you can see magnificent views of Georgetown and the enormity of the temple itself

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