Monday, 23 July 2012

Cameron Highlands

Cities, towns, islands are great in Malaysia. But within 4-5 hours bus journey (don’t even think of taking a train as it takes ages apparently) I found myself in so called Cameron Highlands where I had probably the best strawberry juice, done 2 hours jungle trekking just to see the biggest flower “Rafflesia” (which is not really a flower but huge mushroom growing on trees vines and roots)  

Following the jungles aborigine village was next to come. It was a bit disappointing as it is modernised and locals don’t live in old style houses anymore…tourism there definitely made an impact as well as 21st century lifestyle, you want that or not but everything moves forwards.


They have used blow pipes for thousands of years to hunt animals and for war. He describes how the poison tip of the blow dart breaks off in his target and eventually kills it. He alone has the antidote and can save his victim or allow it to die.

Traveling around you can see working people on the roads. Everything in Malaysia developing fast

To the mossy forest. Its such a big difference comparing to jungles. It’s not as humid and much much cooler. It’s a must to see if you are in this area as this forest is one of the oldest. And if you have a guide you can find out a lot of new things like what’s the difference between jungles and forest, all healing plants and similar.  

 No trip to Cameron Highlands is complete without a trip to the tea plantations. This is one of the main attraction that's got to be in your "must see" list. You can visit the factories to learn about the tea making process and you can also sit down and enjoy a cup of tea at the cafe. The view overlooking the plantations is beautiful

Waiting for a bus back to my hostel with locals

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Perhentian Island

I must admit that I was pretty lazy when it came to photography there. Most of everything I absorbed myself. Never the less Perhentian Islands are a beautiful place. Cristal clear sea ideal for snorkeling and diving, beautiful beaches just perfect for relaxing. There are two islands: bigger one called Perhentian Besar and a smaller one Perhentian Kecil. 

I stayed in a smaller island (was recommended by everyone I met that went there), in a place called the D'lagoon. It’s very private and perfect if you need time for yourself.

The island has sort of main beach there "long beach" ideal for party lovers. There is always something going on everyday till 4-5am . You can also walk from one beach to another. Sometimes it takes an hour jungle walk, sometimes just 10-15 min. If you not a big walker you can take the boat taxi. Ideal if you stay in small beach and want to go out in the evening. But if the rain strikes you are stuck...talking from my own experience :)

Monday, 9 July 2012


Over 400 years ago the Chinese people arrived in peninsular Malaysia. Some were businessmen while others Cheng Ho’s (admiral*) followers to Nanyang. They have decided to stay in this land during the Malacca empire and settled down with the local bamiputeras. Their children were called “Baba” for a man and “Nyonya” for a woman.

Baba’s and Nyonya’s traditional wedding wear 

Melaca now is a heritage town in Malaysia. It is very cute place, not to big, cosy and charismatic place full of history such as Baba’s and Nyonya’s living environment- a museum type house well worth visiting.

Also, Melaca is filled with temples where all religions lives in peace

Haha... a bit sense of humor...Back to the temples

 Melaca has a beach...but its not very good. Its a nice place to come and chill with your friends thou...have a bear or two. My lovely friend Shew :)

At night Melaca changes colours and turns into different place full of movement, specially during the weekends as this is the time when night markets opens.

 Chop sticks... Got some for myself as well. My first cultlery :)

Beautiful evening lights colours the river, streets, trees, houses…its very charging and romantic place.

Colourful bicycles offers you a ride around the town, So when locals peddling you just sit back and enjoy the views.  

I visited this town not only for sightseeing but also I was attending wedding. My friends cousin was getting married and I was so lucky to be invited as well. It was traditional Chinese wedding with tea ceremony, 8 course meal (that’s right, 8 course) and beautiful wedding clothing. A truly unforgettable experience.!!

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