Monday, 9 July 2012


Over 400 years ago the Chinese people arrived in peninsular Malaysia. Some were businessmen while others Cheng Ho’s (admiral*) followers to Nanyang. They have decided to stay in this land during the Malacca empire and settled down with the local bamiputeras. Their children were called “Baba” for a man and “Nyonya” for a woman.

Baba’s and Nyonya’s traditional wedding wear 

Melaca now is a heritage town in Malaysia. It is very cute place, not to big, cosy and charismatic place full of history such as Baba’s and Nyonya’s living environment- a museum type house well worth visiting.

Also, Melaca is filled with temples where all religions lives in peace

Haha... a bit sense of humor...Back to the temples

 Melaca has a beach...but its not very good. Its a nice place to come and chill with your friends thou...have a bear or two. My lovely friend Shew :)

At night Melaca changes colours and turns into different place full of movement, specially during the weekends as this is the time when night markets opens.

 Chop sticks... Got some for myself as well. My first cultlery :)

Beautiful evening lights colours the river, streets, trees, houses…its very charging and romantic place.

Colourful bicycles offers you a ride around the town, So when locals peddling you just sit back and enjoy the views.  

I visited this town not only for sightseeing but also I was attending wedding. My friends cousin was getting married and I was so lucky to be invited as well. It was traditional Chinese wedding with tea ceremony, 8 course meal (that’s right, 8 course) and beautiful wedding clothing. A truly unforgettable experience.!!

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