Thursday, 12 July 2012

Perhentian Island

I must admit that I was pretty lazy when it came to photography there. Most of everything I absorbed myself. Never the less Perhentian Islands are a beautiful place. Cristal clear sea ideal for snorkeling and diving, beautiful beaches just perfect for relaxing. There are two islands: bigger one called Perhentian Besar and a smaller one Perhentian Kecil. 

I stayed in a smaller island (was recommended by everyone I met that went there), in a place called the D'lagoon. It’s very private and perfect if you need time for yourself.

The island has sort of main beach there "long beach" ideal for party lovers. There is always something going on everyday till 4-5am . You can also walk from one beach to another. Sometimes it takes an hour jungle walk, sometimes just 10-15 min. If you not a big walker you can take the boat taxi. Ideal if you stay in small beach and want to go out in the evening. But if the rain strikes you are stuck...talking from my own experience :)