Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thailand...firs stop - Bangkok

There is so much to Bangkok...I found myself hating and loving this city at the same time. I still don’t know how I feel about Bangkok, very mixed feelings. Whilst I was staying there I couldn’t wait to get out, but at the same time places I would go and see fascinated me. Always surprising and irritating. Made me laugh, smile and be angry, fuming...

Happy-angry feelings for tuk tuk taxis. 
Its great! I mean you can see most of the city sights for very cheap price. The driver drives you around and drops you off to see amazing temples and waits patiently for you to return and off you go to next destination. And its also great experience to ride in one of those all day, as walking in Bangkok...My oh my...its so hot there, you run out of energy instantly. And its massive, what on a map looks like a short distance you end up walking hours from one place to other. these taxis are great...until they start ruing your day! They say to you that they will take you to a place that we tourists might dont know. its a shop. According to them: you go in...look look. you want you buy, you dont want you not buy...well, ok I thought. And he adds: Good for me, I get coupon. In that case I said ok I thought I don’t mind to help to earn extra coupons or whatever...but no, one is not enough, he takes to another one and gets angry and says: Why u no buy anything?! You have to buy something. Good for me. I take you to another place....I can take only little of this bullshit. I start arguing and saying I don’t want to go to another shop, I am not buying anything anyway. He insisted, I am not agreeing..the end is: just stop the bloody thing and I am off! 
 So what started an amazing experience ended me being angry as I never experienced this pressure of doing something I don’t want and paying for that!! Amazing!
Breath taking temples

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