Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kuala lumpur-city in the jungles

After few steps that I’ve made getting of a plane going down towards pass control hot air surrounded me and my tired bones from a long flight and welcomed me to Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, this is what I will have to get use to now: heat, sun, humidity…
 Still dizzy and with my sleeping eyes mask on my forehead I was greeted by my friend and adventure began.
  Exploring the city:

Amongst panoramic tall buildings and fancy, very well air conditioned, westernised shopping malls, smooth Jazz sounds in sophisticated bars I found myself surrounded by the other side of this city.  Narrow streets full of noise, loud men, cooking food stall which makes feel hot weather even hotter when I walk pass, the air gets heavy with mixed food, durian stink, Chinese incense sticks smells… 
 Now and then I need to pop in to a shop or shopping mall (because of air con) to cool down as I can feel sweat drizzling through my back...

Intrigued by unusual temples hidden in this busy scenery I remove shoes (if appropriate) and go inside to look around.

  Sri Maha Mariamman Trmple 

 It is the most elaborate Hindu temples which intricate carvings of Hindu deities. The gopuram (tower) is the tallest structure here, a dramatic 23 m high 5-tier pyramid shaped gate tower decorated with depicitions of Hindu Gods.

Guan Di (God of War) Temple

This is one of the oldest temples with the finest traditional architecture features. The God of War was China's greatest warrior and known as Guan Yu.

    Why I call this "city  in the jungles"...well all this mad world is just wrapped by nature, inside and outside including mini forests, parks, palm trees everywhere ....Its insanely beautifull!!

One of these places is "Batu caves". It is a bit out of the city centre, easy to reach by train/bus in short time. Batu caves is another temple built in caves. Huge gold statue (hindu family god) that is seen from far distance letting me know that I am close.

To get to the temple you first have to climb 272 steps, but on the way up cheeky monkeys can be quite an entertainment, seeing them all cute eating a coconut or a banana skin, or evidencing theft as they can become real hooligans stealing from people simply by grabbing plastic bags from their hands.

I think i will keep updating KL post as there is so much to it!!

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